Somewhere in the world today a government official will download a free copy of Annex, the World’s first affordable home standard; Annex Home Standard. Governments that want to uphold the UDHR adopt Annex. It’s what you do to take action on housing.

Key to tackling the global housing crisis is to first address corruption in housing supply and planning. It doesn’t matter if you live in Manila, Soweto or Woy Woy, corruption affects the supply of housing.

The first thing architects notice about Annex is Housing is foremost considered a human right an objective. Excessive taxation is frowned on, as is ‘car rights’. Car parking is becoming bigger than housing in most city highrise due to statutory planning, and has no place in Annex.

free home standard housing standard

In plain English; comparing apples wth apples is easy if  both the developer and the official hold apples from the same tree. Acceptance of the assessment criteria lubricates the approval process. Getting approval begins with agreement about what standard a project will be compared to. Annex is free to download, uptake and use.

Annex consolidates all housing codes into one compact free standard A flexible free standard; Freedom to build, free to download, free to use;

Download your PDF free home standard here; Annex home standard

Join us in making a measurable difference to housing families across the globe.

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