Prior to 2013 the BCA referenced the AS 1735 suite of standards for lifts, yet as the standards were not progressively revised to reflect the diversity of new lift products coming from the EU, the AS 1735 suite of standards were eventually dropped from the BCA in 2014, except part 12 for disability access and usability features for lifts, elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Ad interim, in the absence of a relevant and meaningful lift standard, the default test of lift suitability is ‘is it safe and accessible?’ The question of safe is taken up by the OHS/WHS authorities in each state and territory and the question of accessible is addressed by us as access consultants.

In our experience, dropping AS1735 from the BCA  has been overwhelmingly positive and reflects the practice in the EU where most lifts are made. In the EU, lifts and elevators (or any building product for that matter) is deemed to comply if it carries the EC/CE logo.

All lifts legally on the European market carry the same CE logo that you see on the back of you mobile phone, granted to the manufacturers by notified bodies such as DNV which is an independent testing and certifying body, similar to our private certifiers although with engineering skill sets.  In essence, the CE brand is the highest form of product accreditation anywhere in the world.

In addition to product certification, the CE permission to sell, supply and install a lift is conditional on each entity in the supply and delivery chain being ISO 9001 accredited.

The frequently asked question is ‘how does this relate to getting a lift approved in Australia?’ This is the conundrum, the old chestnut, the creator of compliance gridlock. Our role is to lift this roadblock and facilitate free trade and in doing so enable better, more cost-effective disability access and housing development.

As elevator lift consultants, we consult and advise on access and use features of an elevator lifts needed to meet AS 1735 part 12 for barrier-free access to buildings. For more info contact us.

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