A performance-based solution to the BCA is an alternative solution or alternate method of meeting building law. The ABCB has launched the following two new YouTube clips on Performance Based Design and BCA Performance AKA Alternative Solutions.

At Arqua, we are regularly asked to prepare alternate solutions for situations where standard compliance solutions are not structurally possible or necessary given the anticipated use or population demand. Based on prior work, alternative solutions provide and economic and spatial advantage. Logically if it didn’t the building owner wouldn’t proceed.

performance based solutions

To be successful in developing Alternate Solution and Performance Based Solutions the consultant must have an expert knowledge of architecture, engineering, building practice and construction law in order to effectively provide an alternate to the standard construction methods or code dimensions.

National Construction Code 2015 1 May 2015 Adoption Date

Verification Method as part of a performance solution to assess compliance.

This clip provides an overview of the Structural Reliability Verification Methods contained in the National Construction Code. The Structural Reliability Verification Method is an optional assessment method that can be used to demonstrate compliance with specific structural Performance Requirements.

From the ABCB.

Meeting the Performance Requirements: This clip provides an overview of Performance Based Solution contained in the BCA. Assessment Methods are used to demonstrate compliance with the Performance Requirements.

Developing Performance Solutions:  This clip provides an overview of the ABCB’s guide to the Development of Performance Solutions (Alternative Solutions).

Cited ABCB 05/2014

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