AS1428Have the Australian Standards become a design Crutch?

It’s of great concern to us to see architects leaning on building codes and standards as architectural templates instead of their own imagination and creativity.

Any decent self respecting species on the planet knows that diversity is the key to survival so what’s the evolutionary advantage of standardising design?  It didn’t work for Mao Zedong or Stalin and there’s no evidence that stifling evolution will work for us and there’s every reason to motivate our designers to innovate solutions to today’s lifestyle problems.

When to leave your architectural crutches behind.

Top 7 gripes about building codes and aesthetics

  1. bathrooms are larger than the entry foyer and has a flush wall WC’s with luxury backrests and blue seats
  2. tactiles are everywhere.
  3.  7″/ 250 mm steps and stairs are too small
  4. the colour palette is shiny stainless steel handrails and blue signage.
  5. slip resistant nosings are so rough and bright that they rip your shoes off and lacerate your feet.
  6. the swimming pool has a 1:14 access ramp
  7. the foyer feature broom finished concrete.

If this is you then don’t worry you’re not alone.  The good news is that with steady guidance and counselling we can help you get out off those crutches and back to realising your design dreams.

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