D-t-S or Performance Solutions – it’s your choice!

There has been a spate of misinformation about Performance Based Solutions and Building Surveyors overextending their field of influence in so far as the exercise of their duty.  It’s important not to be bullied into doing something you just do not have to do.  You might also consider legal action to recoup the costs and any delays for being forced to do something you DO NOT HAVE TO DO.

Here’s some useful links and info from the horse’s mouth:- The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

  • Performance or Prescriptive Solution – it’s your choice! 
  • The Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions are an optional means of achieving compliance with the mandatory Performance Requirements…
  • Alternative Solutions allow you to do things differently from the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions and this outcome can have many benefits, including cost savings. Alternative Solutions can also be used to improve constructability, i.e. to create designs that are easier to build than Deemed-to-Satisfy buildings;
  • Alternative Solutions can also incorporate innovation; e.g. a brick manufacturer may develop a new brick made from compressed cow manure
  • A building, plumbing or drainage solution will comply with the NCC if it satisfies the Performance Requirements,which are the NCC legal requirements. (sic)
  • The mandatory parts of the BCA governing building design are the respective Performance Requirements contained in Sections B to J of Volume One and Section 2 of Volume Two.


A recent report into the Benefits of Building Regulation Reform, found that only 50% of the potential benefits ($1.1bn) of the NCC have been realised (The CIE Report Benefits of Building Regulation Reform, 2012). This project aims to realise some of these benefits through the increased use of the performance based code. More at:-  http://www.abcb.gov.au/en/work-program/Quantification%20of%20NCC%20Performance.aspx


You have a choice.

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