AQ are industry leaders offering independent expert advice and policy development for urban health, disability access and housing.

Our Mission

Our team at Aq offer integrated urban health planning and disability access solutions across all industry sectors. We led our industry in providing architects and builders with timely expert opinion and professional reporting and we maintain a reputation for delivering fast hands-on construction advice that is responsive to the project cost-time-compliance scaffold.

ISO 9001

Our team of professionals operate an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  Maintaining ISO accreditation is just one of the many indicators of our ongoing commitment to meeting your expectations for consistent delivery of quality advice.
Our research activities, journal publications, patents application and public speaking engagements indicate a readiness to take the lead in industry development. We are forever sharing our research with consulting teams and believe the flow of new creative ideas from the cutting edge injects confidence and energy into every meeting.

Founding Director

Richard Brew, Director of AQ, Graduate Architect and urban health consultant. He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 1998 and with over 16 years experience in architecture and access consulting, he brings a wealth of practical, workable and cost-effective design and construction solutions to the project team.

Richard has expert knowledge in discrimination and construction law, international product certification and mutual recognition and free trade agreements and building information systems. Key auditing experience includes Risk Management and Building Code of Australia, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Work Health and Safety-in-Design, Healthy Urban Design and  Access for People with disability.

Research publications

  • Stair Geometry and Anthropometrics, A literature review of papers and reports referenced in support of western building code stair and theater aisle step geometry, 50 BC to present. Presentation to the triennial ACAA 2013 National Conference, Olympic Park NSW.
  • Effects of raised tactile pedestrian markers on traction and postural stability. Anthropometrics and Tactile Geometry, clinical trial and research report. Published AQ 2013,
  • Annex home standard is a client-centered method to achieve quality housing outcomes for families. Annex aims to be a home standard that spans international frontiers to enable people with creative freedom to plan design and build homes in an environment that is transparent and free from corruption.

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