Andrew Heaton wrote on Sourceable  about the building compliance framework in Australia which is poorly understood. The cost and benefits associated with product certification in Australian is a matter that we’ve being pushing and with luck it’s beginning to gain ground.

Convening a national meeting with construction sector leaders to address what he says was an influx of non-conforming building products flooding the market, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry Bob Baldwin said such materials are a serious problem within the sector. Andrew Hutton, Sourceable 3/12/2014

Our response comment to Sourceable:

The EU requires that all products on European market achieve product certification to a level relative to the risk, e.g. plasterboard manufacturer may be self certifying, yet an elevator requires third party certification.

This insures quality standards, traceability and statutory provisions are met with the aim of end user protection within a cost effective, readily achievable and acceptable compliance scaffold. Turn over any quality product and find the CE logo. (try your mobile phone)

We see ourselves as Laissez-faire anti authoritarian yet we’re imprisoned by asbestos ridden, faulty materials and we’ve become unfairly price enslaved to foreign producers that strip us of our capacity, our right to produce and compete.

product certification

For manufactures and importers of construction industry materials, products and systems, looking to achieve product certification for products entering and leaving Australia,  contact us for expert advice and certification in accordance with free trade and mutual recognition agreements.

We’re regularly asked to provide expert advice and policy development to commonwealth governments on defence, trade, and human rights matters.

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