Aged Care Mental Health and Healthcare

AQ offer integrated compliance solutions to all industry sectors.  Our advantage is our background and qualifications in architecture, design and project management.

We provide expert advice on BCA-DDA, national and state Aged Care and Health Care Standards and Workplace Health and Safety. In most cases we’re asked to join the team during the due diligence phase as setting the right number and location of facilities and accessways can generate significant savings across the project especially when determining the required number of accessible sanitary facilities and amenities.

We provide spreadsheet tabulated data on the required number of facilities, making it fast and simple for the design team to keep track of progress, all the while communicating with the building certifiers and planners.

High care Aged Care projects

  • BUPA Australia
  • Peninsula Village Ltd
  • Lifestyle-Day Centre, Respite Care
  • P Lam Physiotherapy Centre
  • Psychology Perspective
  • The Cliff Dive Pty Ltd
  • Lifestyle Solutions (Aust) Ltd
  • Connectability Pty Ltd


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